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Piano lessons in Abu Dhabi with Marie Sontag

Piano lessons in Abu Dhabi with Marie Sontag

Graduated from the Conservatory in France as a professional pianist. I have extensive experience teaching piano to children, adolescents, and adults, since 2002, collaborating with music schools, and offering personalized private lessons.


My speciality: I can adapt my teaching according to each of my students' wishes, expectations, and personality.


Objective: Instructing each apprentice musician (beginner, amateur, or experienced pianist) by solidifying  the learning of the piano as a passion. I discuss musical training and theoretical points during lessons. In addition, musical training workshops are conducted during holidays.


Lessons can be conducted in French, English, or Spanish.

Price of piano lessons in Abu Dhabi

Home Piano lessons ​:

  •  45 min - 225 AED per lesson

  •  60 min - 300 AED per lesson

  •  Special package for 6 or 12 lessons (during school periods)


Piano lessons on Zoom : 40 min - 200 AED per lesson

Piano lessons at student's home: prices upon request (Extra travel fees)

Piano lessons for children in Abu Dhabi

  • From 6 years old up to 11 years old

  • Levels: beginners and intermediate

  • Recommended format: 45 minutes per week

Teaching method: I train my students by following the European methods (Initiation to the piano, Pianolude, keyboard crocodile, etc.), and I choose the appropriate method according to the age and the level of the student and his personality. Moments of improvisation are also part of the process so that the child can develop their imagination.


Pedagogical mission: I accompany my young students during their journey of learning the piano. By taking their personality and artistic feeling into account, learning music is a real passion for the child!

Piano lessons for adolescents in Abu Dhabi

  • From 12 years old up to 18 years old

  • All levels: beginners, intermediate, and advanced

  • Recommended format: 1 hour per week

Teaching method: I adapt my teaching according to the student's potential, personality, and artistic feeling. I alternate the teaching of the so-called "classical" piano with the teaching of contemporary music so that the student can express himself and be enthusiastic!


Pedagogical mission: I motivate my teenage students towards autonomy in practicing the piano while respecting their wishes and artistic personalities.

Piano lessons for adults in Abu Dhabi

  • All levels: beginners, intermediate, and advanced

  • Recommended format: 1 hour per week

Teaching method: Methods of teaching differ depending on whether the adult learner is a beginner or has already practiced the piano in their youth. Tactile, sensory, and auditory memory is activated or reactivated.


Objective: Learning the piano as an adult is often an unfulfilled childhood dream, or learning has been interrupted for various reasons. Therefore, my goal is to give confidence to the learner so that they can have this feeling of being able to escape while playing.

Preparation for Trinity College and ABRSM exams 

  • From initial grade and grade 1 to 8

  • Levels: intermediate, advanced, and confirmed

  • Recommended format: 1 hour, two times a week

Objectives: Prepare the student for the exam, give them confidence, inspire them and help them surpass themselves so that their progress are recognized!


Course content: Work on 3 major works from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Modern eras. Consolidate the technical bases: scales, broken arpeggios, sight-reading, musical theory, and musical language.


Educational mission: To prepare the student (technical, aural, and artistic), reassure them of their technique, and give them the best chance of success!

Young Talent Project

When you are passionate about your instrument, having the chance to perform on stage is a great opportunity. You have the opportunity to surpass yourself, to experience and share intense emotions with the audience!


The Young Talent Project is an opportunity to offer my passionate students the chance to taste the delights of the stage and live concerts.


Stage practice allows talented students to prepare for future competitions and consider a professional career!


For more information: contact me

Young talent project with Marie Sontag
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