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Marie Sontag, Pianist in Abu Dhabi

I discovered the piano thanks to my parents and sisters, who took lessons at home in our little village of Pignan: This multitude of keys, the vibration of the instrument, the magic of the sounds and resonance made me want to discover this instrument that spoke so much to me.


This is how I fell in love with the piano at 5 years old.  Which started a series of mini-concerts along my musical training during the last 20 years, in an exhilarating atmosphere, surrounded by carings friends and relatives.


Once graduated from the National Conservatory, my career as a pianist then began, and I continue performing on different stages throught the world.

Solo piano recitals

In solo, I have at heart to express the composer's feelings and soul in the context of its time. Therefore, I live and share my emotions in an intimate atmosphere with the audience.


  • Repertoire: I perform the music of classical (Beethoven), post-romantic (Granados), and impressionist (Debussy, Ravel, Satie) composers. I also play contemporary music (French and international songs, folk music, and pop-rock).


  • Shows: The Month of the "Francophonie" in the United Arab Emirates, at the Residence of the French Embassy, and at Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi.


Discover my work on my YouTube channel and Instagram account!

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Piano duet four hands

The Piano four hands offers a quasi-orchestral dimension. It is an adventure between two pianists, a moment of interaction and conviviality with the audience.


  • Repertoire: As a duet we offer the program "Let's dance with four hands" which celebrates dance across centuries and cultures: ballroom dancing, Polonaises of Schubert, Brahms Hungarian dances, Dvórak Slavonic dances, Bizet revised in jazz, dance of death of Saint Saëns… This concert invites joy and celebration!


  • Shows: Private concert for the staff of the French Embassy in the UAE, Alliance Française of Abu Dhabi, Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi.


Discover our piano recital at Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi!

Four hands piano recital in Abu Dhabi with Marie Sontag
Booking a solo or four hands piano recital in Abu Dhabi and Dubai


Are you looking for a pianist in residence or for a special event?


I offer solo or duo performance across the United Arab Emirates:


  • For a gala or a VIP events

  • In Hotels & Restaurants

  • Within institutions or organizations

  • For private parties


Prices upon request

Piano at your workplace

"Welcoming and refreshing musical break"


  • Concept: Bringing happiness and well-being at your workplace (for companies and organizations).

  • Objective: Offering a moment of relaxation to your employees and your customers. Creating a space dedicated to music is a way to improve staff productivity and creativity, relations at work, and social ties become more dynamic.


On this occasion, I am offering a solo performance playing my regular repertoire.

Prices upon request

For music and piano lovers

Do you want to be informed of my upcoming shows?


Leave me your phone number (via contact form).


I will let you know about my schedule !

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